Water Heater Service in Southwest VA, Central VA, and the Surrounding Area

Our Technicians Expertly Replace or Repair Water Heaters

We often do not think of hot water being important until the water only runs cold. This is the time when the water heater needs either replaced or repaired. Down Home Plumbing & Repair LLC performs water heater replacement and repair in Southwest Virginia, Central Virginia, and the surrounding areas. We ensure that our customers’ water runs out of the spigot warm when needed. That means no more cold showers, baths, or hand washing. Our team quickly does the job so our customers will not be without warm water for very long. Give us a call at (540) 875-7645 for our 24/7 water heater services.

We Replace and Repair These Types of Water Heaters



Heat Pump



Providing 24/7 Water Heater Emergency Services

The unfortunate reality is that water heaters malfunction and need replaced because of age, environment, materials, ventilation, or other reasons. When customers in the Roanoke Valley reach that point, they hire the professionals at Down Home Plumbing & Repair for water heater replacement or repair. Sometimes that point comes at the worst possible time – after normal business hours, overnight, or on the weekend. That is why we provide 24/7 emergency services.

Timely Residential and Commercial Water Heater Service

When residential or commercial customers call us, we arrive at the location as soon as possible to replace or repair the water heater. Our water heater technicians analyze the problem, formulate a plan for replacement or repair, and communicate with the homeowner, landlord, business owner, or manager. If the water heater needs replaced, we communicate the price and length of time it will take for installation.

Contact us for our quality water heater replacement or repair services.