Sewer and Water Lines in the Roanoke Valley

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Sewer and water lines are integral parts of homes and businesses in Southwest Virginia, Central Virginia, and the surrounding area. When problems arise, they can be serious and costly to repair. Ignoring a seemingly small sewer or water line problem can result in a much larger issue that ends up costing thousands of dollars. It is critical that homeowners, business owners, or managers contact an experienced plumbing contractor like Down Home Plumbing & Repair. We are the Roanoke Valley’s best choice for sewer and water line maintenance, diagnosis, and repair. Give us a call at (540) 875-7645 for our 24/7 sewer and water lines services.

Down Home Plumbing & Repair’s Service is Timely and Affordable

Down Home Plumbing & Repair LLC knows how serious and expensive sewer and water line issues can be. We are dedicated to helping customers save money and return their lines to working order. A lack of water in the toilet, strange gurgling sounds in the toilet, low water pressure, water around floor drains, and even dizziness and nausea are some of the signs of sewer and water line issues. They may seem mild at first, but the damage and inconvenience can quickly increase if steps are not taken.

Signs of Damaged Sewer or Water Lines Include:

A Lack of Water in Toilet

Strange Gurgling Sounds in Toilet

Sewage Backup in Tub or Toilet

Tub Does Not Drain or Drains Slowly

Sewer Smell

Low Water Pressure

Toilet Frequently Clogged

Wet Spots or Mold in the Home

Water Around Floor Drains

Wet Spots Under Sink

Gas Appliances Malfunctioning

Dead or Dying Plants Near Gas Line

Loud Sounds Near Gas Line

Dizziness, Nausea

Customers Trust Our Team’s Experience

The plumbers at Down Home Plumbing & Repair have more than a decade of experience serving the community’s sewer and water line repairs, diagnosis, and maintenance needs. We are here to help customers return their water and sewer service quickly and for a reasonable price. Our team uses the latest technology and tools in combination with superior skills to provide a customer service experience that is unbeatable.

Contact us 24 hours a day, seven days a week for our sewer and water line service.